Looking for a quick winter getaway or a fun way to spend holiday break close to home? LaSalle County offers an exciting assortment of wintertime activities, from the thrilling to heartwarming.

Ice Climbing:
Every year, hundreds of experienced climbers flock to Starved Rock State Park to spend a day scaling enormous frozen waterfalls with little more than an anchor line, an ice axe and a helmet. Climbers must have prior experience ice climbing, or have a chartered an experienced guide. All ice climbing is done at the climber’s risk, they are required to sign in at the park’s self check-in station prior to their climb, and once again upon exit.

Cross-country Skiing:
Matthiessen State Park offers over six miles of beautiful tree-lined cross-country skiing trails. Best of all, the park sports a ski rental kiosk (weather allowing) from December through March. The rental cabin is located near the shelter and fort at the Park’s Dells entrance, the rental stand is open Saturdays and Sundays when snow is on the ground from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Eagle Watch:
While a few eagles can be spotted around LaSalle County all year, the arrival of bald eagles in mid-winter is a sight to behold. These majestic birds roost on Plum Island, located directly across from Starved Rock State Park. An excellent view of these Eagles can be found at the observation deck of the Illinois Waterways Visitors Center, where you can use high powered binoculars to see them in flight.

Celebration of Lights:
Looking to get into the holiday spirit? Head to LaSalle County’s premiere holiday light show, located at LaSalle’s Rotary Park. You’ll experience more than 230 dazzling light displays and dozens of fun animated LED installations at this drive-through holiday destination. Pairing classic holiday tunes, broadcast over a private radio channel, and dozens of illuminated larger than life characters and scenes, this is sure to be family outing to remember!